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The Real Estate Agent Roadmap


Real Estate is about doing the right things consistently well. The challenge is figuring out exactly what those things are. We've created a simple agent roadmap of all the things you should be doing to become a top producer. 

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A Comprehensive Simple Roadmap to Sales Success


Most agents spend too much time looking for the next new sales widget when all they really need to do is simple fundamentals over and over. We've mapped those fundamentals so agents can gain mastery at each step.

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Your journey to success is right here.

Establishing a brand, defining a promise of value, and curating your style, identity, and message are important steps for every agent.

  • Are you authentically aligned with your target Market?¬†
  • Have you¬†leveraged¬†your interests and reach?
  • Are you positioned as the agent first in mind?

Being asked the right questions creates the right answers that move you strategically forward toward your goals.

Real Estate Performance Coach Mark Hughes

I took my first real estate class right after college when I was 22.  I have worked within the industry in many capacities since then 35 years ago. The thing I have always enjoyed the most is coaching agents to earn the same lucrative success that I had as an agent.

It is my daily pleasure to get on the Roadmap with agents to help them get centered and craft a map to their own top production and success.

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What Industry Leaders Say About Mark... 


A 35-year industry veteran, Mark has worked in all capacities of real estate on both coasts.  He coaches agents and leaders on the benefits of organized fundamentals and consistency.

In all my years working with sales people and business owners rarely do you come across an individual as sharp and charismatic as Mark Hughes. Mark "knows people." He has a tremendous sense of current market conditions and setting the right expectations of his clients and employees. 
 Mark's motivational abilities make the environment enjoyable and energetic. He is also a champion of team building and has successfully managed a top-producing sales team that was in the Top 1% worldwide.

- Tom Kelley

In every career, you will have the opportunity to work with someone who is simply extraordinary. Someone who challenges you to be better. Someone who elevates you and everyone around you. Someone who does it right all the time. Mark exhibits the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and skill. He is also an exceptional talent and communicator. Always focusing on the positive, he Captain's the ship through stormy waters with a deft hand and eye to the horizon. I heartily recommend, Mark Hughes.

- Dustin Oldfather

Strategic Development’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Mark. I've had the pleasure of working Mark for the last year during which he worked as a First Team Regional manager. I have been impressed with Mark's ability to bring a culture of results focused teamwork. Mark's leadership is based on a rare level of integrity, professionalism and deep knowledge base. He has brought to our company a heightened level of excitement and opportunities in social media to our company.

- Mike Hampton
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Being You Own Powerful Personal Brand


The first step in the Roadmap is to establish your personal brand; your style, identity, and message. People have been spun to death, and sales are no longer about pitches. People don't want to be sold by you; they want to be sold on you.

Be the Target Market Agent of Choice

Your style, Identity, and message tell your quick story.

  • Your promise of value resonates with the right target market¬†
  • Your message compels your target market to keep you first in mind.
  • Your consistent outreach secures your brand positioning.

Niching down for increased volume over time is the best way to carve out your own target market. Real estate is a marathon, not a sprint.  Put the fundamentals in place now and reap the benefits for the rest of your career.

Your Roadmap to Consistent Production


The roadmap includes everything needed to master for predictable, sustainable, and dependable income. Attract, Consult, Serve, and Nurture your way to real estate success.

Resonate & Compel: Creating Your Personal Brand for Successful Real...

Riches in the Niches


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